Global Telecom Networks


GTN delivers enhanced connectivity solutions that address business challenges.

No matter the number of users, local area availability, connected services or size of the company, we can provide you with a customised connectivity solution fit for your business.

Let us support your organisation with advanced connectivity solutions, unparalleled reliability, and speeds that empower your business.

Global Telecom Networks

Tailored Connectivity solutions:

Global WAN – an architecture which encompasses user cloud access and security

Leased Line – Dedicated Internet access with scalable Bandwidth

SD-WAN – Combination of services such as MPLS, broadband and LTE, to securely connect users to the internet

FTTP/FTTC – Fibre to the Premise/Cabinet – A fibre/copper hybrid broadband solution

SOGEA – Generic Ethernet solution which provides a broadband service, without the need for a phone line

We offer seamless transfer of existing broadband lines and exclusive leased lines at an affordable rates to ensure you are always connected.


we provide a range of Ethernet solutions, including Fibre Ethernet, that deliver uncontended business-class contentions.


  • Competitively Priced Services
    To meet your data and communication needs.
  • A Geographically Resilient Network
    Giving you the assurance that our network has been created and maintained to handle any situation.
  • Proven Capabilities
    We have successfully completed thousands of migrations to our network. Don’t put up with poor service and support — we can help you seamlessly switch connections to our selection of broadband data offerings.
  • Exclusive to Business
    We only offer services to businesses, which means the network isn’t overloaded with heavy consumer traffic. This allows us to optimise the service provided to you.
  • Voice Specialists
    Our converged broadband products are designed specifically for use with our market-leading voice services, giving you all the advantages of buying an end-to-end telephony service from just one supplier.
  • Enhanced Care Plan Options
    We provide a variety of maintenance packages that ensure enhanced service levels above and beyond our industry-leading standard guarantees if your connectivity is crucial.

Making the right connection…

At GTN our team of experts will walk you through the process of selecting the right connectivity solution for your business evaluating a combination of availability, required speeds and budget.

Our advisors will create the bespoke package for a seamless transition and the power to smoothly handle the complex demands of the more intensive digital workflow that is necessary for an evolving business.

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Global Telecom Networks


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Global Telecom Networks

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