Nov 16, 2022

Assimilated Announce Acquisition

Assimilated International announce the acquisition of the customer base of Jutel Ltd

Assimilated International announce the acquisition of the customer base of Jutel Ltd

  • Jutel Ltd adds several enterprise customers with a large global footprint to Assimilated International.
  • Assimilated International has grown 35% year on year since its inception
  • The brand is planning to build the most expansive global telecommunications portfolio

17.11.22 As part of a plan to become the most expansive global telecommunications portfolio, Assimilated International has announced the acquisition of the telecommunications customer base of Jutel Ltd. Known for providing specialist business telecoms, Jutel brings several enterprise customers to Assimilated International, expediting the brand’s growth, following an impressive 35% year on year uplift for the company.

The Jutel acquisition is the second in two years for Assimilated, following the successful onboarding of the Frontline Ltd client base in 2021. And it falls in line with the business’s ongoing strategy of integrating high-quality customer bases capable of truly benefitting from the managed telecommunications service provision offered by Assimilated International.

This acquisition is the result of many years of working closely with the former owners of Jutel – the McKeever family – as an early adopter and devotee of their sister company, Tekton. Tekton currently forms the centrepiece of Assimilated integrated systems and automation strategy and has been rolled out to Assimilated International customers in three different currencies, across 100 countries worldwide. And this relationship is set to deepen further as Assimilated International plan to integrate Tekton’s systems into its CRM and service delivery platforms. So, when first approached about the possibility of acquiring Jutel – a high-quality business owned by high-quality people offering high-quality services – the move simply made sense.

Assimilated International’s CEO, Owen Keenan-Lindsay, comments: “I am absolutely delighted to announce Assimilated International’s acquisition of Jutel. I have known and worked with the McKeever family for years and we use and trust their products and services. I can’t think of a company I would rather work with.

‘Jutel’s customer base was of a very similar demographic to our own existing one and we were able to help them benefit from competitive, collaborative services both in the UK and internationally, with our unique coverage and single point of contact. We plan to continue to provide this unparalleled level of support for our customers as we continue to grow.”

Assimilated is keen to continue the further integration of additional high-quality businesses in the coming months.

About Assimilated International

Assimilated Communications was formed through the acquisition of Cell Site Communications (est. 1996) to provide complete ICT solutions to large SME & enterprise businesses throughout the UK & USA.

With more than 3,000 customers and an ever-expanding client list, Assimilated Communications is known for outstanding service including a single point of contact, unique coverage, automation solutions and an industry-leading customer portal.

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