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GlobalSIM is the Multi IMSI SIM from Global Telecom Networks that offers the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity, unmatched coverage, and cost savings.

When corporations introduce new mobile technology, they often struggle to provide a consistent and user-friendly experience for all users. This becomes even more difficult for businesses that operate in multiple locations, as different networks may offer varying levels of coverage in different areas.

In the past, businesses signed multiple agreements with different providers, causing billing and management headaches, fluctuating costs, and uneven user experiences.

With multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology, users can switch between networks based on bandwidth availability, eliminating coverage issues.

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Global Telecom Networks

Use Cases:


An Energy company may install smart meters over a large region or even across the country, where no single mobile network operator can provide connectivity.


Pharmaceutical companies require proper visibility and control over their cold chain to ensure the safe transportation of medication and vaccines from one location to another, particularly across borders.


Reliable performance is crucial for critical services like Medical IoT. Even a slight drop in network performance can have a significant impact on human life.


In Agriculture, IoT devices can remain stationary for up to 3-5 years while measuring soil samples or temperature. However, their MNO costs increase significantly in comparison to their competitors.


If a Telematics company needs to track and monitor vehicles or equipment across different countries, they may face permanent roaming restrictions that limit their connectivity to 90 days.

How Global SIM works

With multiple Mobile Network Operators on GlobalSIM, you can now switch networks and enjoy uninterrupted communication no matter where you go. GlobalSIM dynamically downloads new IMSIs, making it act like a local SIM, which reduces high roaming fees. GlobalSIM provides specialised IoT connectivity for businesses with LPWAN support, strong security measures, and affordability, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking to deploy IoT devices and applications that require reliable and cost-effective connectivity. By using GlobalSIM, businesses can optimise their mobile connectivity, reduce costs, and improve control.


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