GTN Managed ICT Service

Global Telecom Networks

Reduce cost and increase the time by consolidating, automating, and managing all your ICT and telecommunications processes into one Managed Service.

Businesses of all sizes face challenges in maintaining, fixing, and delivering against a growing myriad of ICT, Networking and Telecommunications requirements.

Managed ICT services reduce downtime caused by technical needs and issues and speed up how quickly you do business.


60% of businesses outsource their IT


ROI of 224% over
3 years


$200,000 ROI per 100 users

The future is fully outsourced managed service for all your ICT Telecommunications

Delivering exceptional service

GTN offers a fully integrated managed service that delivers exceptional value and ROI to your business.

Optimise and automate your ICT processes, allow users to self-service, and deliver reporting and analytics across your organisation in a single dashboard, providing time, resource, and cost benefits across your organisation.


Fully Integrated Managed Service

GTN offer a fully integrated managed ICT service that adds exceptional value and ROI to your business ensuring your ICT processes are optimised and automated.


24/7/365 Global Support

GTN offer a rapid response, 24/7, 365 days a year with 1 hour service SLA and ‘Follow The Sun’ support response system to provide complete accountability.


Managed Services Portal

Our integrated managed services portal gives you a single pane of glass view across your entire global infrastructure. From support tickets status, billing information and management to full analytics and reporting you have complete control at your fingertips.


Global Device Management

Gain visibility and control of all the corporate and BYOD devices across your organisation with mobile device management. As integration into our Managed ICT Service, we manage all of your endpoints with a complete suite of tools for mobile, tablet, PC & almost any other remotely deployed devices. This simple yet effective solution offers high-end security for businesses of all sizes.

Managed ICT Service Portal

The GTN Portal is a powerful management platform that consolidates mobile, VoIP and connectivity service and support requests into a user-friendly dashboard that controls, analyses, and reports across your business.

The Managed ICT Service Portal allows our users to deal with 99% of issues themselves creating huge cost and time savings to our business

Global Partners

We are very fortunate to work a range of amazing worldwide network partners

AT&T Verizon O2 BT Orange EE Vodafone Gamma
Flo Live Three Pangea Colt Wireless Logic Giacom Zest Global Gig
Salt Transatel Cross Connect Jola Telcoswitch 8x8