Billing Management Portal

Take control and manage mobile billing, VolP and connectivity services in a single platform with GTN’s Billing Management Portal.

Understand usage and spend patterns across your whole business. Identify cost-saving measures using powerful analytics. Consolidate all your services into a single pane of glass.

What problems does it solve?

Improved business processes:

Consolidate mobile, VolP and connectivity services into one platform
Self-service portal – end-user have access to raise requests
Automated processes including raising and tracking support tickets
Reporting and analytics on usage and spending patterns

Reduce costs:

Prevent bill shock – track and get alerts on consumption, usage, spend
Reporting and analytics of billing information
Breakdown by cost centre
Full invoice history

GTN works with communication leaders:

GTN partners

Who is it for?


The Finance Team

Can review spending and usage across global locations with billing reporting available in Dollars, GBP, and Euro.


The IT Team

Can manage a fleet of mobile devices, VolP and Connectivity services from a single pane of glass, including raising support tickets.


The Organisations End-Users

Get profile controlled access to the portal to review and request changes like SIM swap outs.


The Operations Team

Can review, analyse and report on all data and usage.

Billing Management Portal

Access and security

GTN’s Billing Management Portal provides access to billing information and service management 24/7 with data held according to GDPR regulations and compliant to ISO27001 security standards.

We now have complete control over every aspect of our global billing. We can analyse usage and costs whilst our users have an easy-access system to self-service.


Track and get alerts on consumption, usage, spend, etc.
Apply mobile service limits.


Analysis of billing information.
Graphical and tabular reporting, available to export.
Pre-built single-click reports for common billing enquiries.


Download invoice PDFs and supporting billing details.
View detailed breakdowns by cost centre and custom reporting groups.
View full invoice history.


24/7 self-service portal.
Manage account details – billing email, cost centre addresses, reporting groups, etc.
Swap mobile services onto new SIM card.

Global Partners

We are very fortunate to work a range of amazing worldwide network partners

AT&T Verizon O2 BT Orange EE Vodafone Gamma
Flo Live Three Pangea Colt Wireless Logic Giacom Zest Global Gig
Salt Transatel Cross Connect Jola Telcoswitch 8x8