May 9, 2022

Global Telecom Networks connecting the world

At Global Telecoms Networks, we not only pride ourselves on the exceptional services we offer, but also our ability to operate our services worldwide.

At Global Telecom Networks, we not only pride ourselves on the exceptional services we offer, but also our ability to operate our services worldwide. We are able to provide business’ our services in up to 180 countries worldwide, allowing us to work with business’ that operate internationally as well as those that are on a smaller scale. In addition to the fact that all of our services are offered internationally, our exceptional customer service ensures that your business maintains continuity, irrespective of location. Our 24/7 customer service 365 days a year means that not withstanding varying time zones, we resolve 95% of tickets within an hour of the query.

Coupled with our fantastic customer service is our unique billing platform. It allows customers to raise query tickets at any time, but that is not all we can offer through it. It also enables customers to view both current and previous billing periods, analyse management information, manage users and most relevantly, view all bills in your native currency. This removes any element of hassle from your business dealings and further enhances your experience with us.

Our flexible approach to international business is also important to us. We have a number of strong partnerships worldwide. This gives us the autonomy that allows us to always provide customers with the best deal possible for both mobile and fixed services. At Global Telecom Networks International, we have a track record of doing just that. As of late, as much as 20% of our customers have come from across Europe and the rest of the world, evidence of just how committed we are to being able to serve our customers worldwide. We also recently provided one of our largest customers with mobile connections in 25 countries simultaneously, further evidence of our industry-leading ability to provide mobile and fixed services worldwide.

We also offer bespoke services for worldwide data roaming that cover for travel across the globe. Our simple international options allow you to text or call internationally for less – a perfect cost-saving tool for international businesses. Our packages also allow for roaming free of charge across the EU, letting you roam like at home. Whilst roaming worldwide, you will also be able to access your UK allowances for a low daily fee. This alongside the aforementioned benefits that make up our roaming packages make life easier for any international business, making Global Telecom Networks International the partner of choice.

Global Partners

We are very fortunate to work a range of amazing worldwide network partners

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