Jul 8, 2022

Global Telecom Networks Managed ICT Service

Reduce Cost and Increase the time by consolidating, automating and managing all your ICT and telecommunications processes into one Managed Service.

Global Telecom Networks offers fully integrated managed services with all of our packages that operate as an extension of your IT helpdesk. We recognise how important it is for any business to maximise efficiency and our managed services help with that. Currently, 60% of IT helpdesk services are being outsourced, a number that will only continue to grow. The days of large internal IT teams are numbered for several reasons. These include cost efficiency, staff absences and departures, out of hours service and management issues.

Cost efficiency is integral to any business, and Global Telecom Networks stand to help you be as cost efficient as possible. We offer an excellent proposition that represents great value, but we are aware that there are other competitive offers out there. This is why we offer our customers a price match guarantee within our three largest markets, those being the UK, US and France. Our managed services negate the need for a large IT team, as we are able to optimise and automate all IT processes for you. As our managed services come with all partnerships with us, we can ensure that you will be able to offset the cost of a large internal IT helpdesk when you work with us. Our capacity to help you increase your cost efficiency does not stop there. Over 3 years of using our fully integrated managed services, you will see ROI of 224%, totalling a $200,000 ROI per 100 users.

Our managed services also enable you to offset the burden of any staff absences or departures within your IT team. Fluctuation of staff numbers will therefore no longer be an issue for you. We will take care of the everyday tasks for you, such as automation of reporting and notifications, providing a consistent foundation to allow you more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Out of hours service presents an issue for any business as members of staff cannot work around the clock, but we can. We offer rapid response, 24/7 customer service 365 days a year, ensuring that all your needs are met no matter the time. We are also able to minimise any management issues that you may have faced, not only through this, but also through our portal will allows you to manage all account details. Furthermore, customers can contact our multi-lingual support team via phone, email or live chat. It is this flexible approach that allows us to work so closely with customers to ensure that all queries can resolved with haste.

Our self-service portal provides our customers with considerable utility from anywhere in the world, all in one place. It consolidates mobile, VoIP and connectivity service into an intuitive dashboard. Gain control of all corporate and BYOD devices across your organisation with global device management. This simple yet effective solution offers high-end security for businesses of all sizes. You are also able to raise service tickets through our portal, and our 1-hour SLA means that all queries will be looked at quickly. We use an internal ticket system meaning that any which fall outside our resolution SLA can be tracked by anyone within the organisation, whenever they require. Through our portal, you will also be able to request quotes, order new sims and carry out sim swaps, making these tasks simpler than ever for you and working with us as seamless as it is.

All billing information is easily accessible on our user-friendly portal, allowing you to make business decisions quickly and with confidence and data to back them up. Our billing portal lets you understand usage and spend patterns across your whole business, enabling you to easily identify cost-saving measures. Our graphical and tabular reporting are available to export, and provides a visual representation of all your billing information. Also available to export are invoice PDFs with supporting billing details. You will also be able to view your full invoice history, adding to the transparency we offer.

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Global Partners

We are very fortunate to work a range of amazing worldwide network partners

AT&T Verizon O2 BT Orange EE Vodafone Gamma
Flo Live Three Pangea Colt Wireless Logic Giacom Zest Global Gig
Salt Transatel Cross Connect Jola Telcoswitch 8x8